Prevention of strings' brakage of Makisu

HASEGAWA-Makisu is bound together using "Monofilament" strings, which is similar to that of the fishing line. The material is non water-absorbent and dries immediately after wash, making it very hygienic.
However, incorrect use may cause the binding strings to break.

With a good understanding of this characteristic, correct use and exercise care in handling, the HASEGAWA- Makisu can last much longer than conventional ones. Please avoid handling the HASEGAWA-Makisu in the ways as shown in the diagrams below.


 - Avoid direct contact with KNIVES                                              

 - Avoid hitting on surfaces to remove
water or food deposits
 - Avoid applying excessive force to
roll sushi
 - Avoid cleaning with brush. Use a soft sponge                                                                                           




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